SashaFINALheadshotSASHA DEBEVEC-McKENNEY is a Beloit College graduate living in Madison, Wisconsin. She has been writing love poems to presidents since she was 15. (@sashadm)
SarahFINALheadshotSARAH EINSTEIN is the author of Mot: A Memoir, coming in September from the University of Georgia Press, Remnants of Passion (Shebooks 2014), and numerous essays and short stories. She is an Asst. Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. (@SarahEmc2)
NaseemFINALheadshotNASEEM JAMNIA’s goal is to balance her two passions: writing and science. This often means she’s writing while waiting for her lab rats to finish their tasks. Her Channillo essay series is called “Fine Lines and Ambiguities,” where she writes about gender, growing up in a religious household in Chicago, and other issues. Her story, “Letter To My Former Self,” was chosen for the Mental Health America of Illinois’ “Manifesting Healthy Futures” project, an exhibit of literary and visual artists exploring mental health and wellness. (@jamsternazzy)
LauraFINALheadshotA rare native and current resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, LAURA MASCHAL is most often found doing typically suburban activities such as working in healthcare technology, puttering around her house, and spending quality time with her wife, five kids, five cats, and two dogs. Less typically, Laura devotes what time remains to activism, performing in her local LGBTQ wind ensemble, playing around with words, and daydreaming. “Borderline Mother” is her first published creative work. (@liberalGRIT)
McClureFINALheadshotMEGHAN McCLURE lives in Washington and studied at the Rainier Writing Workshop, the MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University. She helps edit A River & Sound Review and her work has been published in Mid-American Review, LA Review, Water~Stone Review, Superstition Review, Bluestem, and Floating Bridge Review, among others.   Meghan once ate broccoli flavored ice cream and signed the inside of a missile tube aboard a submarine.
SiriFINALheadshotSIRI PAIRIN is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism. A dual citizen of Thailand and the United States, Pairin has grown up with a strong appreciation for global and cultural awareness. She strives to utilize her own mosaicked cultural view and world travel experience to challenge racial stereotypes, promote tolerance in ethnic diversity, and produce writing that speaks with a more holistic perspective of the world.
ReynoldsFINALheadshotSARAH P. REYNOLDS is a radio producer and multimedia storyteller. Her stories have been heard on Australia’s ABC, NPR, PRI’s The World, Studio 360, and public radio stations around the U.S. Her reporting runs the gamut — from hate crimes to smell mapping to migrant workers. Some of her investigative work has culminated in a series of reports for national organizations working to change policy. Sarah teaches radio at Duke’s CDS and has taught at the Transom Story Workshop. (@sarahpreynolds)
TraboldFINALheadshotERICA TRABOLD is a writer of family and memory. Her essays have appeared in Seneca Review, The Collagist, and others. She writes and teaches in Oregon, where she is pursuing an MFA in nonfiction. (@ericatrabold)
KirkFINALheadshotKIRK WISLAND hails originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After stops along the way in Tucson, AZ (MFA), Ventura, CA (Beach Bum Writing Tutor), and Houston, TX (Adjunct Bliss), he landed in Athens, Ohio, where he is currently pursuing his PhD in Creative Nonfiction. His work is dispersed across print and internet, and has most recently won the Iron Horse Single Author Chapbook Prize. (@KirkWisland)