Join the Proximity team.


Proximity is a young, but quickly growing, nonfiction literary magazine published quarterly by an all-volunteer staff. A collection of true stories, each issue pulls together personal and documentary storytelling, diverse in form and length, based on a single theme.

At Proximity, we’re curious about the shape-shifting nature of our proximity to one another. We’re fascinated by the things that connect us, across real and imagined boundaries, across time and place. We believe that tangible connections—the kind that root us in a specific place, time, or culture—are living wells of fresh ideas, offering new perspectives and a better understanding of the way we live our lives. We hope the stories we publish will expand our readers’ views of the world while grounding readers in their own communities. We choose stories that encourage reflection, laughter, conversation, difficult-but-important questions, and, on occasion, a really good cry. Proximity’s founding editors—Carrie Kilman, Towles Kintz, Traci Macnamara, and Maggie Messitt—published our first issue in January 2013.

Proximity is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity. We welcome and encourage applicants of all races, ethnicities, gender and sexual identities, and disability statuses. We encourage applicants from around the world to apply. This is a virtually-linked editorial team.


We do not have any long-term position openings at this time, but we do have some exciting new things happening behind the scenes! We recently added two new issue editors and two new blog editors who are hard at work! If you’re interested in other ways to work with Proximity, we accept editorial fellowship applications year-round and post new theme submissions for you to share or to which you can submit on a quarterly basis. 

Watch this space for new additions and changes in the future. – the team.