Proximity | a quarterly collection of true stories

Founded in 2013 by Carrie Kilman, Towles Kintz, Traci Macnamara, & Maggie Messitt.

Issue Editors

Shasta Grant
Carrie Kilman
Maggie Messitt
Stacy Muszynski

Guest Editors

Santi Elijah Holley
Brad Modlin
Erica Trabold

Managing Editor

Maggie Messitt

Blog Editors

Tovah Burstein
Dina Relles

Assistant Editors & Editorial Fellows

Liz Wyckoff


Former Proximity Editors, Assistant Editors, and Fellows

Prox_Obit_Pic_PRINCEELLEE ACHTEN was assistant editor of Proximity for issues 7 (Borders) and 8 (Wilderness). With a background in magazine journalism, an obsession with witty fiction, and a closet collection of poetry since age seven, she was a master’s student in creative nonfiction at Ohio University while on our team. Exploring issues of home, health, and connection, her work has appeared in Proximity, Brevity, Alimentum, Southeast Ohio, Ohio Today, and elsewhere. Previously an assistant editor at New Ohio Review, she is currently working on a memoir, chronicling her 24+ childhood homes across the country. (@ElleeAchten)
Towles Kintz - 2 croppedWhen TOWLES KINTZ was a founding editor of Proximity. Macnamara served as issue editor of 1 (Morning), 2 (Crossroads), 6 (At the Table), 10 (Play). When she isn’t at a playground, in her kitchen, or keeping her toddler from launching himself off of the living room furniture, she seeks respite in great literature. Her essays have appeared in BrevityThe Writer’s Chronicle, and Art House America, among others. Kintz holds a B.A. in English from Davidson College and an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Goucher College. She lives in Nashville, Tennesee, with her family.
JENNIFER LANG was an editorial fellow and assistant editor for our 2016 Prize Issue (Inside|Out), issue 13 (Guns), and issue 14 (Inheritance). American-born, French by marriage, and Israeli by choice, Jennifer writes mostly about her divided self and search for home. Her stories have been published in Under the Sun, Hippocampus, and Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women, among others. Occasionally, she contributes to the Wall Street Journal‘s expat blog. Since obtaining an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in summer ‘16, she devotes most of her time to finishing her first memoir.
traci - 275 cropTRACI J. MACNAMARA was a founding editor of Proximity. She played a critical role in building the magazine from scratch, spearheading the creation of Proximity‘s editorial and technical style guides and tirelessly pushing the boundaries of nonfiction storytelling. Macnamara served as issue editor of 1 (Morning), 2 (Crossroads), 4 (Wilderness), 5 (Escape), and 9 (Home). As a writer and literary critic, she has bylines in Backpacker, Vegetarian Times, Isotope, the Patagonia catalog, High Country News, & Denver’s Rocky Mountain News, among others. She currently lives, writes, and edits in Colorado.
Prox_KMheadshotKRISTINE LANGLEY MAHLER was Proximity‘s first editorial fellow. She worked under Towles Kintz as assistant editor of issue 9 (Play). Mahler is a nonfictioneer at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where she received the McKenna Graduate Fellowship in Creative Nonfiction. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in First Class Lit, New Plains Review, and Embodied Effigies. After a childhood in Oregon, adolescence in North Carolina, and high school in Indiana, she has dug in her heels on the suburban prairie, where she and her husband raise their three daughters.


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