When he was in kindergarten, Davis Goodrich brought home a drawing of a van outfitted with a jail-like window, depicting strange creatures slithering between its bars. It was his response to an assignment to draw something entirely new – something that would make everyone ask, “What’s that?”

On Johnny Appleseed Day that same year, he sketched a near-perfect rendition of an apple corer.

His mother, Jenn, a graphic designer, says, “It was clear then that his perspective on art was not normal.”

Now eight, Davis draws unusual creatures in unusual circumstances. He embellishes stock art on school worksheets, turning a lamp into a flying robot or a baby bib into a “bibbot,” and draws detailed comics and outtakes in the margins of his math pages. At home, Davis sketches ideas for television shows, smartphone apps and stories, all featuring fantastic monsters, robots and superheroes.

He creates them on bright-white paper, using super-sharp pencils, while sitting at the dining room table.

Davis’ spectacular imagination at work is chronicled in the following photo essay.


I am at the table drawing the wondrous things in my head: Secret Weirdos, Edward Ellens and Amigo Thiefs. All are my original creations.

These are some Evil Cavemen Minions I drew for my epic TV show, Secret Weirdos.

I like to draw because I can be creative and use inspiration to make new things.

My inspiration comes from everywhere – books, video games, legos, other artists.

Some of my favorite books that influence my drawings are Charlie Brown, The Mischevians, Captain Underpants, The Book of Dragons, A Field Guide to Monsters and DC SuperPets.

Sometimes I come up with new ideas for shows, like Lack of Boom, but I cannot come up with more designs.

Hologram WeirdoThese are guys from the future in Secret Weirdos. The guy with no hat is beaming a hologram.

I think having Aspergers helps me because I can think differently than others and come up with new things.

Here is a Secret Weirdo named Captain Freeze. He is freezing a Fire Minion.

This is a skateboarding dog from Edward Ellens.

This is a girl character from Edward Ellens (inspiration – Charlie Brown). She is driving her giant robot shark.

This is a robot arm holding a creature in a jar from Secret Weirdos.




Davis Goodrich lives in Colorado, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. He loves
drawing, reading, swimming and bouncing on the trampoline. His work has
appeared on his mom’s Instagram feed (#dfgart), in multiple sketchbooks and all
over his school work. He finds inspiration in nature, books, and movies. Jenn Goodrich is a graphic designer, mom of three, wife and semi-capable multi-tasker.  Some of the bigger clients she has worked with are TJ Maxx, Wachovia Bank, Propel Fitness Water, and Hillshire Farm. Now a freelancer, she has branded Sol Simple Foods (Nicaragua), The Wine Goddess (Chicago), ModLux (Denver), Whitney Plantation (Wallace, LA) and many, many others. Being a champion of her children’s talents has been one of the best surprises of motherhood.